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Teens Counselling

Teens Counselling Let’s face it, being a teenager is hard!

Caught between the two worlds of childhood and adulthood, wanting to make your own choices while, at the same time feeling the expectations and pressure from from parents, teachers and peers. Add on the experience of new emotions and and physiological changes and all of a sudden life might start to feel pretty confusing. Navigating all of this and feeling alone can get really heavy. I get it. I see you. You don’t have to do this alone.

Pressures you may be facing:

• All of my friends are using drugs and/or alcohol

• All of my friends are having sex

• I am confused about sex and my sexuality

• I am being pressured to have sex and don’t feel ready

• Parents are always fighting

• My parents are divorced/divorcing

• I’m not cool enough

• I am being bullied, picked on and embarrassed by my peers

• I am struggling with my body image

• My friends are changing

• My parents are pressuring me about my future

• My grades aren’t good enough

• I don’t have enough time to fulfill everyone's expectations


Thoughts and emotions you may be having:

• I feel lost

• I feel “out of control”

• The pressure of daily life is too much

• I feel like I don’t fit in anywhere

• I feel invisible

• I don’t feel heard by my parents and teachers

• No one understand me

• All I want to do is sleep

• There is no where safe to go

• I am worried all the time that I’m not doing good enough

• I get so angry inside that I want to hurt myself or someone else

• I just want to shut everyone out

• Sometimes I think death would be easier

There are endless challenges and pressures that comes along with being a teenager. Having a non judgmental place to unload all of the questions and confusion in your mind and body is critical. I will always provide a safe space for you to come to and share where, no matter what, you can show up exactly who you are and be fully accepted. Together we can work to uncover your biggest strength leaving you feeling empowered once again.

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